I am Zara Schterbatskaya! (jejoue) wrote in powerofthepen,
I am Zara Schterbatskaya!

my name is jessie and i am new.
here is a short story i wrote not to long ago...

title- the end of the century
author- jessie o.
summary- an oldie about thoughts and fear and lack of counseling...

here it is...

The end of the century
She does not like it when people call her val. her name is not val. she also thinks that people should not be allowed to wear bell-bottoms. That century is over and it deserves to stay over. She does not know why people pretend they are individuals. Individuals do not exist. People are all the same. She also does not understand why they have to keep such an omniscient eye on their children. If she had a baby, she would glue it to the wall so that she would always know where it was. If anyone sane heard her say that, she would be branded a nutcase and sent to a what-do-you-call-it. She thanks God, to whom she is a fair weather friend, for being able to think things without other people hearing her. She remembers how sometimes, she gets a little bit paranoid because she thinks that someone is hearing her thoughts right as she thinks them. Then she quickly shoos the idea out of her electrical storm of a brain. She scoffs at that odd thought. She thinks it is impossible. But she is wrong, my friend. It is the end of her century. Where do you think I got these thoughts? Thank you val, for fueling my own electrical storm of a brain.
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