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Little Red Riding Hood

Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Author: frerardislove 
Fandom: Bands (Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance)
Non-consensual: Brendon/Gerard, Brendon/Ryan. 
Rating: NC-17
POV: 3rd person, Omniscient
Summary: Ryan Ross is Little Red Riding Hood. He is on his way to visit his sick friend Gerard in the woods with a basket of goodies, but on his way, he meets a man called B, who is really the Village Pervert. His new friend causes Little Red Riding Hood to stray from his path. What else will happen after he makes this mistake and misjudge of character?
Disclaimer: Based off the story Little Red Riding Hood, which never happened. Gerard Way does not live in the woods by himself, Ryan Ross is not a pretty 13 year old cross-dressing boy, Brendon Urie is not a village pervert that sexually assaults weaker people, and Bob Bryar is not a huntsman with a rifle. It is obvious this is a work of fiction and my warped imagination.
Author Notes: I bought a book of Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales the other day and came upon this old story. At once, I knew I was going to write a fan fiction based off of it (and probably others), and here we are. This took two days to write (a record, since I never complete my stories and get side-tracked easily) so I am pretty proud of it. :D
Beta: Laura (non LJ member)
Warnings: 2 counts of rape (one involving a minor), bondage, slight cursing (only one word!), cross-dressing, and basically twisting a children's fairy tale into something worse.... a slash fiction.

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